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  • Angelina Maleficent Makeover Game - (100% Like It) Angelina is getting ready to play her role as the evil witch! In Angelina Maleficent Makeover, you'll have to prepare Angelina's makeup and give her a full makeover! After you complete the makeover, help her pick out a costume for the movie!
  • Barbies Baby Bedtime Game - (100% Like It) Barbie is babysitting and she needs to help prepare the little baby for bed! In Barbie's Baby Bedtime, you'll have to feed, wash and care for the baby before her bedtime! Make sure she get's to sleep on time!
  • Punk Makeover Game - (100% Like It) Create a whole new style in Punk Makeover! Go from mohawks and punk clothes to chic and prep! First get a complete makeover and then pick out a brand new outfit to fit your new style!
  • Berry Smoothie Ice Blocks Game - (100% Like It) Make the perfect summer treat in Berry Smoothie Ice Blocks! You'll have to make your own popsicle as you mix all the ingredients and then freeze them! Make sure follow the recipe to get the best results!
  • Baby Around The World Russia Game - (100% Like It) Experience what it's like to grow up on the other side of the world in Baby Around the World: Russia! You'll first get to create a tasty Russian dessert, and then you'll get to dressup the baby in a traditional Russian outfit!
  • Tropical Makeover Game - (100% Like It) This young woman wants to spend a day walking down the beach but she'll need to get ready first! In Tropical Makeover, you'll have to pick out the best outfit, makeup and more!
  • Cake Girl Game - (100% Like It) This chef is about to prepare a cake for her friends but she'll need to get dressed first! Find the perfect chef hat, outfit, and accessories before you begin the cake preparation!
  • Balloon Hunter Game - (100% Like It) Help Alisa get as many points as possible as she tries to collect stars! In Balloon Hunter, you must pop the balloon as Alisa walks underneath it! Make sure the stars fall in Alisa's backpack to get the points!
  • School Bus Game - (100% Like It) Design your own school bus! No one said you couldn't have a fun ride on the way to class! See what type of fun design you can create!
  • Happy Girl Game - (100% Like It) Relax under a quiet moonlit night in Happy Girl! Choose between cute dresses, outfits, shoes, accessories and more as you stare off in the starry sky!
  • Beach Girl Game - (100% Like It) Head out for a fun day at the beach as you relax by the ocean! Before you head out, you'll have to find a cute outfit to wear! Pick out lots of tops, dresses, pants, shoes, and more in Beach Girl!
  • Dora Beach Dressup Game - (100% Like It) Dora is headed out for a fun day at the beach but she'll first need to get dressed! Help Dora find the perfect summer outfit! See what fun style you can create in Dora Beach Dressup!
  • Mothers Day Oreo Flowers Game - (98% Like It) You want to prepare a delicious treat for your mother but you'll first have to get all the ingredients together! In Mother's Day Oreo Flowers, you'll have to follow a tasty recipe to make the best dessert in town!
  • Cute Mini Winx Game - (96% Like It) The Winx girls are heading for a fun day out on the town! Help this Cute Mini Winx pick out a great outfit! Choose from tops,bottoms, and even the best accessories! Don't forget to do her hair!
  • Going To Be Late For Class Game - (96% Like It) You are late for class and you are on the run! Choose the best looking outfit for school and then run out the door! See if you can find a matching outfit or go for a crazy look!
  • Princess Yasmine Game - (95% Like It) Today is coronation day Princess Yasmine! You will be presented to the whole kingdom as the future Queen! Choose a new hairstyle, find the perfect crown and make sure you look your best for this special day!
  • Beautiful Flower Fairy Game - (95% Like It) You are a beautiful young fairy and there is a giant party in the forest! In Beautiful Flower Fairy, you must find a great outfit and hairstyle for this once in a lifetime event! Choose new wings, accessories, clothes, and much more!
  • Spring Traveling Student Game - (95% Like It) It's the first day of school as a foreign exchange student! Pick out your best outfit so you can make a good first impression in Spring Traveling Student! Hopefully you'll make lots of friends!
  • Polly Pocket Game - (95% Like It) Polly Pocket needs a makeover and she wants your help! Help Polly look her best by applying all sorts of creams, moisturizers, and lotions! After you assist Polly with her makeup, you'll get to help her pick a hairstyle, shirt, and accessories!
  • Blonde Girl Makeup Game - (95% Like It) Get ready for a night on the town in Blonde Girl Makeup! You'll have to help this young girl find the perfect dress, makeup and accessories for a night with her friends!
  • Cat Lady Game - (95% Like It) Get ready for a fun costume party in Cat Lady! You'll have to find a fun creative outfit if you want to fit in with this animal themed party! See what costume you can create by changing the clothes, ears, tails, and more!
  • Emma Watson Game - (95% Like It) Emma Watson Makeover - Emma Watson from the famous Harry Potter movies needs your help looking good before she goes back on set! Help Emma look her best by giving her a complete makeover!
  • The Cake Fairy Game - (94% Like It) Coco is a magic fairy who is in charge of protecting some very important cakes! Help Coco become the best Cake Fairy ever by protecting from numerous kitchen pests! Type each letter above the head of each pest to make them disappear!
  • Anime Manicure Game - (94% Like It) Design your own nail design as you help give this young girl a complete manicure! In Anime Manicure, you'll get to choose this girl's outfit, her nail color, her accessories and more!
  • Ice Restaurants Game - (94% Like It) You started a new restaurant at the South Pole in Ice Restaurants! Each customer has their favorite meal they like to eat! Make sure to give each customer their favorite meal so that they will come back again and again!
  • Barbie Wedding Rush Game - (94% Like It) Barbie is getting married and she'll need your help getting ready for the wedding! In Barbie Wedding Rush, you'll have to help Barbie run lots of errands! Make sure you get everything you need for the wedding and then pick out the bridal outfit!
  • Barbie Chocolate Fudge Game - (94% Like It) Barbie is taking a cooking class on the beach and she'll need your help putting the recipe together! In Barbie Cooking Chocolate Fudge, you get to make a tasty treat for you and your friends to enjoy! Make sure you follow each step carefully!
  • Pink Barbie Game - (94% Like It) Your date is taking you out for a beautiful day by the seaside and he is only minutes away! Pick out your best outfit, shoes and accessories and then head out on your perfect date!
  • Peekaboo Pieces Game - (93% Like It) Prepare to stun all those around you as you wear some high end outfits out on the town in Peeaboo Pieces! Turn some heads as you walk down the street and see what type of outfit combinations you can come up with! Give yourself a complete makeover first by putting on makeup, getting a tan, and much more!
  • Spring Fashion Game - (93% Like It) It's time for the new Spring Fashion shoot! Be sure to have the model try all the new outfits including pretty dresses, shoes, skirts and more! See if you need to change the background to get the best shots. It's up to you to make sure the spring catalog looks great! Good Luck!
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