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  • Spring Traveling Student Game - (97% Like It) It's the first day of school as a foreign exchange student! Pick out your best outfit so you can make a good first impression in Spring Traveling Student! Hopefully you'll make lots of friends!
  • The Cake Fairy Game - (96% Like It) Coco is a magic fairy who is in charge of protecting some very important cakes! Help Coco become the best Cake Fairy ever by protecting from numerous kitchen pests! Type each letter above the head of each pest to make them disappear!
  • Pink Barbie Game - (96% Like It) Your date is taking you out for a beautiful day by the seaside and he is only minutes away! Pick out your best outfit, shoes and accessories and then head out on your perfect date!
  • Beautiful Ballet Gril Game - (94% Like It) Prepare for the dance recital by finding a new outfit in Beautiful Ballet Girl! You'll get to choose from all sorts of dance outfits including new dresses, tights, shoes and more! See how many different outfits you can create!
  • Ice Restaurants Game - (94% Like It) You started a new restaurant at the South Pole in Ice Restaurants! Each customer has their favorite meal they like to eat! Make sure to give each customer their favorite meal so that they will come back again and again!
  • Barbie Chocolate Fudge Game - (94% Like It) Barbie is taking a cooking class on the beach and she'll need your help putting the recipe together! In Barbie Cooking Chocolate Fudge, you get to make a tasty treat for you and your friends to enjoy! Make sure you follow each step carefully!
  • Emma Watson Game - (94% Like It) Emma Watson Makeover - Emma Watson from the famous Harry Potter movies needs your help looking good before she goes back on set! Help Emma look her best by giving her a complete makeover!
  • Princess Yasmine Game - (93% Like It) Today is coronation day Princess Yasmine! You will be presented to the whole kingdom as the future Queen! Choose a new hairstyle, find the perfect crown and make sure you look your best for this special day!
  • Wind Princess Game - (93% Like It) A woodland fairy princess is getting ready for a forest ball and she'll need your help getting ready! In Elements Makeover: Wind Princess, you'll have to help this fairy with her makeup, skin care, and outfit! See how many looks you can come up with for this beautiful princess!
  • Beautiful Flower Fairy Game - (93% Like It) You are a beautiful young fairy and there is a giant party in the forest! In Beautiful Flower Fairy, you must find a great outfit and hairstyle for this once in a lifetime event! Choose new wings, accessories, clothes, and much more!
  • Cute Mini Winx Game - (93% Like It) The Winx girls are heading for a fun day out on the town! Help this Cute Mini Winx pick out a great outfit! Choose from tops,bottoms, and even the best accessories! Don't forget to do her hair!
  • Restaurant Decorating Game - (93% Like It) Design your own restaurant whether it be a coffee shop, a pizza parlor or a fancy restaurant downtown! You'll get to choose your own theme and pick out all sorts of different furniture pieces in Restaurant Decorating!
  • Michael Jackson MO Game - (93% Like It) Michael Jackson Dressup - Michael Jackson is on a world tour and he wants to put on the best performance ever! Help Michael get dressed up in this fun flash game and make sure he puts on a show that everyone will remember!
  • Tropical Fruitcake Game - (93% Like It) Make a delicious tropical fruitcake on a beautiful beach! Gather local fruits such as oranges, bananas and kiwi to help make your cake! Follow each direction carefully make the best cake possible!
  • Peekaboo Pieces Game - (92% Like It) Prepare to stun all those around you as you wear some high end outfits out on the town in Peeaboo Pieces! Turn some heads as you walk down the street and see what type of outfit combinations you can come up with! Give yourself a complete makeover first by putting on makeup, getting a tan, and much more!
  • Fashion Girl Game - (92% Like It) Today's the day of the biggest sale of the year! Time to get all the latest fashion trends, shoes, dresses, tops, the whole deal! Can you grab the best deals and the best wardrobe of the spring? Find out in Fashion Girl!!
  • Ice Cream Game - (92% Like It) Welcome to the tastiest ice cream parlor in the city! This parlor is famous for it's triple scoop ice cream cones and amazing toppings! Choose from different syrups, sprinkles and cones! This will be one yummy Ice Cream treat!
  • Rocker Jewelry Game - (92% Like It) Play as a beautiful rock star and then pick out a new hairstyle, crazy jewelry and much more! In Rocker Jewelry, you'll have a chance to show your inner pop star style! Make sure you pick out something big and flashy so you can show it off to all your fans!
  • Howleen Wolf Game - (92% Like It) Help this teenage werewolf find the perfect for her first day of monster high school in Howleen Wolf in 13 Wishes! You'll have to change this girl's dress, shirt, shoes, hairstyle and much more if you want her to fit in! Make sure she looks her best and make sure to try several different style combinations!
  • Fall Season Dressup Game - (92% Like It) It's a brisk fall day and it's the perfect day for a walk in the park! In Fall Season Dressup you'll have to pick out scarves, leggings, pants, sweaters and more so you can stay warm!
  • Candy House Decor Game - (92% Like It) You just bought your own candy store and you'll need to decorate it with tasty treats and more! In Candy House Decorating, you'll have to change out the floors, the walls, the windows and more to make it look inviting for your new customers!
  • Monster Rock Band Game - (92% Like It) The Monster High gang is starting a rock band but they'll need your help getting a new look! In Monster High Rock Band, you'll have to help all 5 band members find their favorite instrument and then dress them up! Change out tops, pants, shoes, instruments and more!
  • Sweet Kitty Date Game - (92% Like It) Two kitties have fallen in love and they are going on a date to celebrate! In Sweet Kitty Date, you'll have to help each cat get dressed up for the occasion! First dress the male cat and then click the pink cat icon to dress the female!
  • Pony Dressup 2 Game - (92% Like It) Help prepare your pony for the local animal beauty pageant! You'll have to redo her hair, brush her shiny coat, and then find a cute outfit in Pony Dressup! See if you can win best in show!
  • Fresh Makoever Game - (92% Like It) You have just moved to a new city and you want to look your best in Fresh Start Makeover! First give yourself a complete makeover by washing your face with cleansing lotions and then find a perfect new outfit! See what type style fits you best as you go for a completely new look!
  • Crystal Embellish Game - (92% Like It) Crystal is a fashion expert and she is about to head out for an evening of fun with her friends! In Crystal Embellished, you must help this beautiful lady find something that would fit her style and impress her friends! See what types of outfits you can create!
  • Happy Summertime Game - (92% Like It) Prepare this girl for a day in the sun as she does some tanning at the beach in Happy Summertime! You'll have to help her change her swimsuit, earrings, necklaces, and more! See how many styles you can create!
  • Barbie And Ellie Movie Game - (92% Like It) Barbie and Ellie are hosting a movie night for Radio Disney! Make sure Barbie and Ellie look stunning! Choose the best tops, pants, shoes and accessories! It’ll be a night no one will forget, Barbie and Ellies Movie Night!
  • Winter Runway Secrets Game - (92% Like It) One of the fashion models called in sick and you've been asked to replace her in an upcoming show! In Winter Runway Secrets, you must try out several fashion lines! Pick a style and then dress up with each themed piece of clothing!
  • Ellie Family Winter Trip Game - (91% Like It) Barbie and her family are visiting a beautiful winter lodge on her Family Winter Trip! Make sure the family is bundled and warm! Prepare for the trip by giving the family a winter weather makeover and pick out the best outfits for everyone!
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