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If you like Celebrity Games, then you have come to the right Girl site! You will have chance to help all the major celebrities get their look together for award shows, concerts, public appearances, and movie premieres! Help Justin Bieber get ready for his date with Selena Gomez, or help Angelina Jolie get her hair perfected for Brad Pitt! See if you can prepare some of the most famous singers for their big concert performance! Help Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and Katy Perry with their wardrobe and their makeover! Change out their hair, lipstick, outfits, and makeup.

There are lots of restaurant and cooking games to choose from as well! Some of our games will even give you a step by step recipe that you can print and cook in your own kitchen! You'll learn all about ingredients and different types of food preparation. In some games, you won't just be cooking the meal, but running the entire restaurant! Help customers, prepare meals, collect money, clean and then upgrade from a small diner to a huge famous restaurant!

Don't forget to try our kissing games, dating games, hair salon, and nail stylist games!

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  • Angelina Maleficent Makeover Game - (100% Like It) Angelina is getting ready to play her role as the evil witch! In Angelina Maleficent Makeover, you'll have to prepare Angelina's makeup and give her a full makeover! After you complete the makeover, help her pick out a costume for the movie!
  • Barbies Baby Bedtime Game - (100% Like It) Barbie is babysitting and she needs to help prepare the little baby for bed! In Barbie's Baby Bedtime, you'll have to feed, wash and care for the baby before her bedtime! Make sure she get's to sleep on time!
  • Punk Makeover Game - (100% Like It) Create a whole new style in Punk Makeover! Go from mohawks and punk clothes to chic and prep! First get a complete makeover and then pick out a brand new outfit to fit your new style!
  • Berry Smoothie Ice Blocks Game - (100% Like It) Make the perfect summer treat in Berry Smoothie Ice Blocks! You'll have to make your own popsicle as you mix all the ingredients and then freeze them! Make sure follow the recipe to get the best results!
  • Baby Around The World Russia Game - (100% Like It) Experience what it's like to grow up on the other side of the world in Baby Around the World: Russia! You'll first get to create a tasty Russian dessert, and then you'll get to dressup the baby in a traditional Russian outfit!
  • Autumn Girl Game - (100% Like It) Fall is on the way and you want to look your best! Find the best new school uniform for the fall months in Autumn Girl! Finish the outfit to get a Skill Point!
  • Blue Monster Game - (100% Like It) Design your own cute monster! In Blue Monster you'll have a chance to change out this mischievous monster's eyes, wings, body and more! Earn a Skill Point for completing the game!
  • Selena Gomez Puzzle Book Game - (100% Like It) See how quickly you can put together each challenging puzzle in Selena Gomez Puzzle Book! Complete 24 different puzzles! See which puzzle is your favorite!
  • Pink Monster Game - (100% Like It) Design your own cute Pink Monster! This happy little monster needs a makeover and he'll need your help! Change his fur, body color, tail and more! Earn a Skill Point for giving him a new look!
  • Teacher Dora Game - (100% Like It) Dora is teaching class and she'll need to find a professional outfit! See what type of outfit you can create and then make sure you give Dora a new hairstyle, accessories and more!
  • Farmer Girl Game - (100% Like It) You are visiting your family's farm and you need something that is both cute and practical for the outdoors! See what type of fun outfit you can put together in Farmer Girl! Make sure you look through the fun farm animals!
  • DJ Girl Game - (100% Like It) You are about to DJ for a club's grand opening! You'll have to find a trendy outfit to show off as you go up on stage in DJ Girl! See what type of fun outfits you can create!
  • Elsa Rejuvenation Game - (100% Like It) Elsa has aged, but she has magical makeup that will give her a young look again! In Elsa Rejuvenation, help apply different makeups, lotions, and more to restore Elsa's youthful appearance!
  • Summer Runway Secrets Game - (100% Like It) You are helping to put on a big fashion show for the summer and you'll need to find the perfect outfits for each model! Try out several different styles and see what type of new design you can create! Each outfit will require a new set of clothes, makeup and accessories!
  • Wiz Dog Quiz Game - (100% Like It) What type of dog would best fit your personality! In Wiz Dog Quiz, you'll find just what type of dog is best for you! Answer several questions and then spin the wheel to find the perfect pet!
  • Hello Kitty House Makeover Game - (100% Like It) Hello Kitty has several friends coming over for tea but her house is messy! You'll have to not only straighten up the house, but you'll have to disinfect all the rooms as well! Make sure you help her as quickly as you can!
  • Baby Jasmine Genie Spa Game - (100% Like It) You are in charge of little baby Jasmine! In Baby Jasmine Genie Spa, you must complete several challenges and help take care of baby Jasmine! Give her a cute new outfit and make sure she looks her best!
  • The Frozen Quiz Game - (100% Like It) What frozen character do you represent! Take The Frozen Quiz and answer several questions to see which character fits you the best! Make sure you answer every question!
  • Extreme Makeover Game - (100% Like It) Barbie needs an Extreme Makeover and she'll need your help getting it all done! Go around town and visit the nail salon, the hair stylist, the mall and more in your efforts to get the ultimate new look!
  • Anna Frozen Hair Spa Game - (100% Like It) Anna wants a royal haircut and she'll need your help! In Anna Frozen Hair Spa, help cut, style and color Anna's beautiful hair! Make sure you find a dress and accessories to match her wonderful new haircut!
  • Nicki Minaj 2 Game - (100% Like It) Nicki Minaj is getting ready for a photoshoot and you need to choose the outfit and style! Help Nicki find the perfect look so she makes the front cover of the magazine!
  • Sofia Real Makeup Game - (100% Like It) Sofia is getting ready for her first ever makeover! Help her look her best by applying different lotions and creams! Make sure you hit every spot to go to the next level!
  • Sofia Rejuvenation Game - (100% Like It) Sofia has aged overnight by a magic spell and she'll need your help to get back to her youthful self! In Sofia Rejuvenation, apply several magical lotions and cremes to help Sofia the First look her best!
  • Elsa House Cleaning Game - (100% Like It) Elsa just had a big party and now it's time to clean up! In Elsa House Cleaning, you must help complete several chores including dusting, dishes and more! See how quickly you can help Elsa finish!
  • Elsa Summer Fashion Game - (100% Like It) Elsa is heading to the beach and she'll need your help getting ready! Search through several outfits and bathing suits to find the perfect look in Elsa Summer Fashion! See which one looks the best!
  • Monster High Dressup Game - (100% Like It) There's a new class member in the Monster High School and she will need to fit in with her classmates! In Monster High Dressup, choose between dresses, pants, shirts and more to help this girl look her best! See how many different outfits you can create!
  • Iphone 6 Repair Game - (100% Like It) You just dropped your brand new Iphone 6 and you have to repair it! Follow each step and make sure you make your phone look just like new in Iphone 6 Repair!
  • Monster Dressup Saloon Game - (100% Like It) Help prepare this young monster girl for her first day of class in Monster Dressup Saloon! She'll have lots of new looks to test out, so make sure you experiment with her makeup, hair, accessories and more!
  • Elsa Beauty Salon Game - (100% Like It) Elsa needs a makeover before she meets her prince! Help Elsa wash and style her hair before she heads out on her date! In Elsa Beauty Salon, you'll have a chance to choose several fun new hairstyles after you finish with the makeover!
  • Monster High Lagoona Blue Game - (100% Like It) Help Lagoona Blue look her best for class! Look through her closet and try to find the most fashionable outfit! See what type of fun outfit you can create!
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