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  • Girl In Backyard Game - (100% Like It) Its time for a big backyard party! Everyone will be there, so make sure to dress to impress! Decide between comfortable summer dresses, or a classic jeans and Tshirt look!
  • Cute Mini Winx Game - (100% Like It) The Winx girls are heading for a fun day out on the town! Help this Cute Mini Winx pick out a great outfit! Choose from tops,bottoms, and even the best accessories! Don't forget to do her hair!
  • Graduation Party Game - (100% Like It) You just graduated and it's time for the big party! In Graduation Party decide if you want to rock out a new dress or if you want to have fun in your graduation gown! See how many different outfits you can come up with!
  • Barbie And Clara Game - (100% Like It) Barbie and Clara are heading to the beach for a quick jog through the sand! Dressup both girls so that their outfits are both cute and practical for exercise! Dressup Barbie first and then click the arrow key to dress Clara!
  • Spring Traveling Student Game - (97% Like It) It's the first day of school as a foreign exchange student! Pick out your best outfit so you can make a good first impression in Spring Traveling Student! Hopefully you'll make lots of friends!
  • Pink Barbie Game - (97% Like It) Your date is taking you out for a beautiful day by the seaside and he is only minutes away! Pick out your best outfit, shoes and accessories and then head out on your perfect date!
  • Emma Watson Game - (94% Like It) Emma Watson Makeover - Emma Watson from the famous Harry Potter movies needs your help looking good before she goes back on set! Help Emma look her best by giving her a complete makeover!
  • Indian Girl Game - (93% Like It) Tonight's your birthday and your father is throwing you a traditional party! In Indian Girl you must find a cute outfit for your big event!
  • Princess Yasmine Game - (93% Like It) Today is coronation day Princess Yasmine! You will be presented to the whole kingdom as the future Queen! Choose a new hairstyle, find the perfect crown and make sure you look your best for this special day!
  • Beautiful Ballet Gril Game - (93% Like It) Prepare for the dance recital by finding a new outfit in Beautiful Ballet Girl! You'll get to choose from all sorts of dance outfits including new dresses, tights, shoes and more! See how many different outfits you can create!
Games for Girls

Online girl games can be a lot of fun that even adult women can enjoy them. From dress up games or makeover games, kissing games to cooking games, girls sure have a lot of choices!

In dress up games, you will be able to showcase your styling skills and love for fashion. You can dress up a model or even some of your most favorite celebrities. Imagine choosing the wardrobe as well as the hair and accessories for Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and many more.

If you want something more challenging, you also have cooking games. Pizza games, ice cream games, doughnut, burger games are just some of the many different kinds of cooking games. These games have their own unique features. But mostly, the objective of these cooking games is to serve as many customers as you can and as fast as you can. You have to create, cook or bake food according to your customer’s orders.

Whether it is makeover games, cooking games or kissing games, playing these girl games will surely be a fun way to kill time.

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