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Top Rated girl Games
  • Angelina Maleficent Makeover Game - (100% Like It) Angelina is getting ready to play her role as the evil witch! In Angelina Maleficent Makeover, you'll have to prepare Angelina's makeup and give her a full makeover! After you complete the makeover, help her pick out a costume for the movie!
  • Punk Makeover Game - (100% Like It) Create a whole new style in Punk Makeover! Go from mohawks and punk clothes to chic and prep! First get a complete makeover and then pick out a brand new outfit to fit your new style!
  • Tropical Makeover Game - (100% Like It) This young woman wants to spend a day walking down the beach but she'll need to get ready first! In Tropical Makeover, you'll have to pick out the best outfit, makeup and more!
  • Cake Girl Game - (100% Like It) This chef is about to prepare a cake for her friends but she'll need to get dressed first! Find the perfect chef hat, outfit, and accessories before you begin the cake preparation!
  • Balloon Hunter Game - (100% Like It) Help Alisa get as many points as possible as she tries to collect stars! In Balloon Hunter, you must pop the balloon as Alisa walks underneath it! Make sure the stars fall in Alisa's backpack to get the points!
  • Happy Girl Game - (100% Like It) Relax under a quiet moonlit night in Happy Girl! Choose between cute dresses, outfits, shoes, accessories and more as you stare off in the starry sky!
Games for Girls

Online girl games can be a lot of fun that even adult women can enjoy them. From dress up games or makeover games, kissing games to cooking games, girls sure have a lot of choices!

In dress up games, you will be able to showcase your styling skills and love for fashion. You can dress up a model or even some of your most favorite celebrities. Imagine choosing the wardrobe as well as the hair and accessories for Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and many more.

If you want something more challenging, you also have cooking games. Pizza games, ice cream games, doughnut, burger games are just some of the many different kinds of cooking games. These games have their own unique features. But mostly, the objective of these cooking games is to serve as many customers as you can and as fast as you can. You have to create, cook or bake food according to your customer’s orders.

Whether it is makeover games, cooking games or kissing games, playing these girl games will surely be a fun way to kill time.

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